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Safeguard your family’s future, make your Will today
Safeguard your family’s future, make your Will today

Why you should have a will

Not everybody realises how important a will can be.

“Surely my spouse will inherit everything after I die?”

This is, unfortunately, not always the case. Wills are highly important documents, and not having a Will means leaving the power in the hands of the law and the rules of intestacy when it comes to deciding what happens to your assets when you’re gone.

Having ‘a’ Will is certainly better than not having one at all, but the majority of people do not have the ‘right’ Will. Whilst a Standard Will may state your basic wishes, it cannot, and does not, offer any protection whatsoever to your estate or beneficiaries. A basic Will merely gives you a say in what happens to everything you own. The ‘Right’ Will can protect your assets and your loved ones and prevent delays, expense and heartache.

“I’ve worked hard for my savings. I want it all to go to my family.”

Sadly, it isn’t that simple. Without a will, the people you want to benefit from your estate may get next to nothing, while the people you didn’t want to benefit at all may be entitled to a share!
“I’ve got young children; who would look after them if the worst should happen?”

Without a Will, Care Authorities will decide who is best equipped to look after your children. Shouldn’t you, their parent, be the one to decide what’s best for them after you’re gone?
“What would happen to my children’s inheritance if my spouse remarries?”

The only way to ensure your children inherit as much as possible is to make the right Will. Otherwise, remarrying could adversely affect the inheritance your children deserve. This is because only your most recently made Will is valid. In the event of your spouse remarrying, your wishes would be disregarded.

Your future… your choice!

We can advise you of all of the available options tailored to your individual circumstances. You will have all the information you need to select the type of Will that you feel best suits you and your family’s needs.

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